This is the final result of this particular race.
  • Portalegre- Azaruja

  • Release Point: Azaruja
  • Info: Due to the weather conditions forecasted today, with minimum temperatures very high, and maximum, very high , and low humidity values, Org Agr decided to change the release from Portalegre to Azaruja. Thank you for understanding
    Org AGR
  • Distance: 174.078 km
  • Release Time: 04.09.2020 07:20:00 (GMT +1:00)
  • basketed Pigeons: 4081
  • arrived Pigeons: 3903
  • expected Pigeons: 178
Portalegre- Azaruja Result List
Rank Fancier Team Country Pigeon Arrival Speed [m/min] Pigeon Name